We are excited that you are here! We want to help you know God, find freedom, discover your purpose and help you make a difference!  We can't wait to connect with you in a SMALL GROUP! 

What is Growth Track?  Growth track is a four step adventure that will guide you through membership, discovering your purpose, develop leadership skills, and joining the Dream Team!

You can be a part of the Growth Track Journey the first, second, and third Sundays each month, directly after the main worship service. Join us for light snacks and get ready for adventure! To sign up, complete the form below. We can't wait for you to jump in on this journey!


1st Sunday: Step ONE (Become A Member)
2nd Sunday: Step TWO (Discover Your Design)
3rd Sunday: Step THREE (Develop Your Leadership) and Step FOUR (Join the "Dream Team)
4th Sunday: Step Four (Join the "Dream" Team)


Sign up here to begin your Growth Track adventure!

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