Thursday, April 28, 2016

FC’ers, Spring is well underway and there are so many areas you can get involved! Check out those opportunities below.


APRIL 2016
Thursday, April 29th  – CHOSEN Youth Kickball Game! 

MAY 2016
Sunday, May 1 – Growth Track 301 – Purpose! – Kickoff
Sunday, May 8 – Honoring Mothers & Amazing Women
Sunday, May 15th - Culinary Auction  
Sunday, May 29 – Singspiration, Honoring Graduates & Church Picnic

JUNE 2016
Sunday, June 19 – Honoring Fathers & Great Men
Monday, June 27 – Friday, July 1 – CK16

For a look ahead, visit our website!

If you’re under 30 or under, CHOSEN Youth, or think you’re young enough to play kickball, join us tomorrow evening at 7:30 for THE kickball game! We’re ordering pizza too, so feel free to bring a dollar or two to contribute.
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Ladies! Bring your families and join us Sunday, May 8th as we celebrate you! We're honoring mothers and amazing women! Every lady will receive a gift! And we would love for you to come a little early to have your picture taken with your family or loved ones! We are praying this special service will be a blessing to you!
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Want to help some very special youth get to camp? Join us on Sunday, May 15th, immediately after service for our Culinary Auction! This year's event will feature two gourmet cheesecakes, two peanut butter pies, a triple chocolate Hershey Cream Cheese cake, a wide selection of delicious desserts and gourmet offerings as well as Pastor Lesh's chicken and sausage gumbo!! We'll have cookies and cupcakes available too! Help us spread the word by sharing this newsletter! #‎CHOSENYouth‬ ‪#‎CulinaryAuction‬ ‪#‎YouthCamp‬ ‪#‎FamilyChurch‬

Growth Track 301 - "Purpose!" - begins THIS Sunday in the Red Room from 9:45 - 10:15! If you completed Growth Track 201, this is the next step for you! Join Pastor Lesh and find out how your gifts can help fulfill God's calling for Family Church in our families, in our community, and in our world! 

By getting involved in the Growth Track, you are growing as a Christian. It’s through service that you become part of the mission of the local church. You are part of the church when you are saved and become part of God’s family. But you grow in relationship with the local church by joining your gifts, your talents, and your callings with other believers. In 301 of Growth Track, you will discover your giftings, and how your passion can push forward the cause of Christ. You’re important to God and to Family Church. We need your help to fulfill the vision of Family Church. With your help, we can fulfill God’s calling for us in our community..until everyone has heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sign up for Growth Track 301 here! We’ll have the donuts and hot coffee ready for you!

Hey all! Camp Kairos is coming soon! In order to help us and the CK people plan, please RSVP to Jen Johnson with your camper's name (Ages 12 & Up).  Then, go register your camper on the CK site! No money is due at this time. We will let you know when we need deposit funds and the remaining balance. (For information on fundraising, please contact Jen Johnson.) Make every effort for your youth to go!.. It is absolutely life-changing!!

Join us for our annual church picnic at Quail Ridge Park immediately after service on Sunday, May 29th – at Quail Ridge Park, Pavilion Number 6! Our service will feature a Singspiration and we will honor our graduates! If you are graduating, please contact us.  Feel free to dress casually for church that day so that you don’t have to bring a change of clothing, if you wish. RSVP and sign up at the Welcome Center!

Stop by The Storehouse and pick up a Bible, devotional, inspirational book, or a t-shirt! We can fulfill special order requests as well! We’re adding stock often, so be sure to check it out. Also, check the FREE basket!  We have new items each service!

Have you found a serve team?  We are currently looking for team members to join our lawn crew, a Growth Track coordinator, StoreHouse manager and cashiers and more! See Pastor Lesh or Jen or sign up HERE to find out how you can begin serving today!

Have you visited us on the web lately?  Do you receive text messages from Family Church?  We always maintain the church calendar there and now there are more ways for you to connect with us!  Click on the CONNECT icon and check out our new forms for baptism, volunteering, submitting prayer requests, and updating your contact information!  Feel free to share this link with friends so that they can connect with us too.

Invest in the amazing ministries happening weekly at Family Church!  There is no better investment that you can make than helping people find God and grow closer to Him!  Missed service?  Giving is easier than ever. 

3 Easy ways to give!

1  Give at offering time with an envelope!
2  Give online at or through your bank account!
3  Mail your offering to 1586 Duello Road, Lake Saint Louis, Misssouri, 63367.

However you choose to give, you are supporting the work of God in our community!  You help Family Church love God by loving people!  Your giving furthers the good news of hope in Jesus!  Let’s sow so we can grow!

God, the Creator of the universe is concerned with every detail of our lives.  Thank you for joining with us to pray for these needs!  
•    Pray that people will recognize their need for salvation, repent, be baptized, and receive God’s Spirit.
•    Healing for Rose, Janeesa, and Tommy
•    Salvation for friends and loved ones and friends we have not yet met in our community!
•    Pray for Missionaries and Church Planters: The Gaddy, Shalm, Reed & Burton families