Wednesday @ 6:30 – RTTR Dramatic Tour Backdrops & Spring Fair Setup (No Service)

Thursday @ 7:00 – New stage backdrop setup

Friday @ 7:00 – Road To The Resurrection (RTTR) Rehearsal

Saturday @ 10:30 – Spring Fair Setup
                   @ 12-2 – Spring Fair
                   @ 2 – Tear Down


Monday @ 11:00 – Church Carpets Cleaned

Wednesday @ 6:30 – Easter Setup/Choir & Musician Rehearsal

Friday @ 7:30 – Hands of CHOSEN (Blacklight/White Glove Presentation) Rehearsal

Sunday @ 9:45 – Easter Hospitality Tent
             @ 10:30 – Easter Service!



Spring Fair - We still need volunteers to work game booths and help out in some areas. If you haven't signed up and are not involved in the drama, please click on this link.

NEW Stage Backdrop - We're putting up a new stage backdrop for Easter! Please PM Pastor Lesh or myself for details.

Lawn Team - Want a ride on the new mower? Join our awesome team that is serving. We're creating the schedule and would love to have as many volunteers as possible on it.

General Maintenance - Help out with some of our general maintenance projects: Replace closing valves, touch-up paint, trim tall grasses, clean rock beds, and install new lights in the entry over the Welcome Center.

Hospitality Tent – Are you a creative baker? We would love some of your cute creations for our Easter Hospitality Tent! We’ll be serving coffee, breakfast baked goods, and treats outdoors that morning before service and after service. See Diana Dunlap to sign up!

Thank You - HUGE thanks to Sabrena and Jacob Ragsdale for their awesome help last week in the church office and Welcome Center! They made a huge impact! And thanks to Diana for refreshing our entry flower pots and to Euvila Shields for trimming bushes and weeding!