Pastor Lesh Johnson is a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He has been in involved in ministry since he was nineteen years of age. Through college, he served as youth pastor of several churches, later serving as assistant pastor and evangelist. In 1998 he married Jennifer Dunlap, a native to Missouri, who grew up in Lake Saint Louis, O'Fallon, and surrounding areas.

Jennifer is an alumnus of Missouri Baptist College (presently Missouri Baptist University) where she studied church music and business communications. She has served in full-time ministry in several churches as a music minister, in Information Technology at World Evangelism Center, and presently leads the Creative Ministries at Family Church, as well as serving as Business and Administrative Ministry Director. 

Lesh and Jennifer have three sons, Jonah, Jude, and Joel of whom they are so proud! When Lesh isn't fishing for people, you will find him fly fishing for trout in the cool streams of the Ozarks.  Jennifer enjoys interior and graphic design, photography, event planning, and enjoys an eclectic mix of music.

Together they envision a spirit-filled body of believers who are developing ministries to reach individual needs in order to become a healthy, whole, church body.  God has faithfully lead them on this incredible church planting journey and has proved faithful, even when Lesh nearly lost his life in 2009. To read more about Pastor Lesh's miraculous story of recovery and healing, visit www.forthecity.tv. 



The Vision Team of Family Church consists of an amazingly talented and passionate group of ministry leaders who serve Family Church on a weekly basis.  They come together to pray, sharpen, and build up one another as they seek to grow together as a group, and develop into more effective leaders in their respective ministry "dream teams" detailed below



Guest Services
Team Leader: Tricia Gervich
We warmly welcome our community to Family Church. We consider our guests the most important people in any service, and so Guest Services representatives are ready to greet, serve and welcome all who come, as well as provide information about ministries and our facility.  Our main goal is to make a guest's stay as pleasant as possible and his/her return inevitable.  Our Guest Services Team embodies the command to "practice hospitality" (Romans 12:13, NIV) and includes our hosting, hospitality and usher teams.

Music & Creative Arts
Team Leader: Jennifer Johnson
Music lifts the spirit, opens the heart, and ushers us into the presence of God. The Music Team, working in unison with the Media and Sound Team, use music to minister to other people and to God.  Our services feature contemporary music rounded out with a few other musical styles.

Media & Sound
Team Leader: Andy Grace
Our media team not only provides lyric and scripture projection, but vibrant graphics for announcements as well as other video presentations.  Media enhances our worship services greatly and helps us communicate in a visual way.  Our sound engineers work hard to create a good audio environment by monitoring audio levels through praise and worship and preaching times.  They also assist singers and speakers with tracks, clips, and any other audio needs. 

Married Couples
Team Leaders: Mark and Jessica Johnson
Married couples of all ages join together on a quarterly basis at Family Church to fellowship, do marriage strengthening studies and activities and communicate with other married couples with questions, lessons learned, and general sharing.  Our theme dinners are accompanied by great music, date night give-a-ways, hilarious games, free child care, and just a lot of fun.  Our purpose for the Married Couples Ministry is to create an environment where married couples can gain practical skills toward developing and maintaining lasting marriage relationships.

Prayer Team
Team Leader: Kenneth and Sharon Takaidza
Prayer is integral to who we are at Family Church. Jesus endeavoured that the church would be a house of prayer and at Family Church, there are many opportunities to seek God through prayer. Each Friday evening at 7, the Prayer Team gathers to pray for the body of Christ, our community, and our world. We also pray together on Wednesday evenings during our gatherings, and then again on Sundays before the main worship service. We pray to grow closer to God (James 4:8) and we pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of ourselves and others (Philippians 4:6-7). We would love for you to join the Prayer Team on Friday evenings or at our other worship gatherings to help us pray.

Children and Youth
Team Leaders: Diana Dunlap, Tina Grace, Andy Grace, and Chris Gervich
Toddlers, KidZ Church, Middle School, High School & College
Toddler, KidZ Church, Middle School, High School and College classes lead students to Christ using age appropriate methods, equipping them with knowledge of the bible so they can live abundant, overcoming lives and become effective witnesses for Christ.  Using media, music, puppets, and crafts, our teachers drive biblical principles home while making the stories of the bible come alive!

Team Leaders: Pastor Lesh and Jennifer Johnson, Andy Grace, and Jessica Bradshaw
Youth ministry has always been a primary focus at Family Church and CHOSEN youth gather nearly every Friday evening for worship, devotion and unity building activities!  These students also have yearly opportunities to attend retreats, lock-ins, and youth camps!

Team Leader:  Pastor Lesh
The purpose of Men's Ministry is to connect men to God, to their families, to church, and to their careers.  Special events and activities include Men's Breakfasts and devotions, fishing, camping, and float trips as well as barbecues, which provide a time for men to bring friends and co-workers as well as interact with one another, and to combine fellowship with a special time of prayer. 

Team Leader:  Jennifer Johnson
The primary goal of Ladies Ministry is to connect women to God, to their families, to church, and to their careers. From Bible studies rich with fellowship and fun to Spring and Fall gatherings, ladies are provided with numerous avenues to join in fellowship and to grow personally and spiritually.  
Service Leaders and Teachers
Our service leaders help to usher the congregation into God's presence through encouraging words, leading in worship, focused prayer, and sharing good reports.  

Team Leaders:  Larry and Diana Dunlap
GPS ministry is designed for people age 50 and older. This group meets bimonthly for a dinner, special music, laughs and fun.  If you want a great meal and some good conversation, GPS is the place to be.

Expansion Team
Our expansion team assists the pastor in exploring growth opportunities for Family Church through real estate research, building projects, as well as help in maintaining our facility.