Welcome to the Family Church of Lake Saint Louis, where there is room for everyone and a place for you.  We are on a journey to "Love God, Love People!"

Where can I find Family Church?
Family Church is easy to find. It is located at 1586 Duello Road in Lake Saint Louis. See our Contact page for an easy map.

Once I get there, will it be easy to find the building or room I'm looking for? Where do I park?
As soon as you walk through the doors of our Worship Center, a member of our Guest Services Team will greet you and welcome you to our church. Our friendly team will help you find the Infant Care Center/Family Lounge for your small children, direct your older children to their classes, help you with any special needs you may have and even help you find a comfortable place to sit. There is convenient parking right near our entrance.

I won't know anyone. Where will I sit?
 If you don't know anyone when you arrive, we guarantee you will before you leave! If you would feel more comfortable to know someone before you arrive, contact us today and meet someone over the phone, or arrange to meet us in person before the service.

I have small children.  Are their accommodations for families?
Yes!  Our Family Lounge is the perfect place to take infants and toddlers if they need to "stretch their legs" or have a snack.  A Family Restroom is next door to make things easier.  Every restroom at Family Church has a changing table for the convenience of young families.  Need something else?  See a guest services representative!

To pre-register your child for Sunday morning classes, you can do so HERE.

What should I wear?
You are welcome to our church in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. However, if you are conscious of what you are wearing compared to others, we certainly don't want that to be a distraction for you. On Sunday mornings, you will find some of our congregation wearing "Sunday Best" clothing, business casual, and even casual attire. Wednesdays are a little more casual for everyone. We are not concerned with what you wear.

When are your services?
We meet as a church family on Sundays at 10:30 AM for worship. We also have a Mid-Week Gathering on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. Our children's ministries classes are dismissed after the music portion of our service is completed.  Each segment of the service is designed to help your family build a foundation of faith and propel you into a faith adventure with Jesus!  

Hopefully, the above information answered any questions that you had. If there's something we missed, or something else you would like to know, contact us and we will be glad to answer or discuss anything you need to know.