Did you know that Family Church has a wishlist?  Here are a few items that would be a huge blessing to Family Church for various ministry events. Take a look at the list and see if you would be able to purchase or give toward any of these items. Thank you for helping us Love God and Love People!

Sno Cone Machine - We rent these each year for Spring and Summer events.  If we owned one, we could use it at nearly every outdoor event! It would also be an excellent fundraising tool for CHOSEN Youth! 

Soundboard and Accessories (approximate $3,000 cost) - As many of you know, in a recent thunderstorm, lightning struck a pole across the street from the church. The lightning came into our building and damaged several pieces of equipment. We lost our media computer and lost many channels and functionality on our sound board.  We are taking precautionary measures to prevent this damage in the future (although no natural event as powerful as lightning is completely preventable). We are working with Cuivre River Electric to install a sleeve that would protect us from most lightning/electrical surge events (at an additional cost on our utility bill per month.) We have also purchased battery backup units that provide protection for key units in our media system. Our largest need though, is a new soundboard.  We have specked out the unit that will best meet our immediate needs providing additional channels, digital scenes (these are so helpful for when outside organizations use our building), and hugely needed mobile monitor access which would allow our musicians to create their own mix from their own personal smart phone or tablet - freeing up the sound men to focus on the house mix. 

Undercounter Ice Maker - This would be so helpful on a weekly basis! This particular model is compact, quiet (which is important when the space is used for prayer and classroom functions) and has the proper drain system we would need. 

Locked Cabinet - 03/2017 - UPDATE!  Thank you to the donors who purchased this for our KidZ Church room! It is an awesome tool! We love it so much that we would love to have one for our Toddlers Class.

KidZ Church would love to have this cabinet!  It's a sturdy (metal) locking cabinet that would allow teachers to securely lock away supplies. (Many of our teachers tote their tools to and from the church each time they teach.)  It is also on wheels making it easy to move around for the many events we host in the Red Room. It is available online and at our local Wentzville Sam's Club. Our immediate need is for the KidZ Church side, but having a second cabinet would be super helpful for the classroom space on the kitchen side as well.

Rolling Workbench - We have been eyeing this sturdy and mobile unit for several years now. This unit would provide a much needed mobile hospitality unit with plenty of storage.  In the milder temperatures, it would allow us to move the Hospitality area outdoors.  It would also eliminate the need for constantly washing tablecloths as it has a wood top.  It also matches our Welcome Center piece. 

Want to purchase one of these items or give toward their purchase?  Have a question about giving?  Call us at 636.327.0132 or email us at info@familychurch.net.  Or you can just jump right in and GIVE here!