About us

Welcome to the Family Church of Lake Saint Louis, where there is room for everyone and a place for you!  We are on a journey to "Love God, Love People, and tell the world about Jesus!"

Are you looking for HOPE? Does your family need HOPE? From the heart-pounding, vibrant music to the HOPE-filled messages, there's something for everyone! Family Church is a place where your family can come to worship together.  We are known for our friendly and warm atmosphere and are united in our passion to worship Jesus.  We are a church, developing ministries to reach individual needs in order to become a healthy, whole, church body. If you are seeking to build real and lasting friendships, while drawing closer to Jesus, you have found a home.

The basis of our church is the foundation laid in the Book of Acts. On this premise of prayer, study, heart-felt worship, honest relationships, and compassion for others, we are affecting our families, our communities, and our world.

Together, we're accepting each other's preferences, appreciating the differences, and uniting together in Truth to become more like Christ. So, whether you are just beginning to ask questions about God, or you are a committed Christian who desires deeper roots in your faith, there is a place for you at the Family Church of Lake Saint Louis. 

Welcome to the Family.
Pastor Lesh and Jen Johnson

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